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Re: Does Sun represent the man and Venus the woman in relationship Horary charts?

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
In the simple Yes/No question (the best form of question...keeps it simple) if the two rulers (querent and quesited) are in good aspect the answer is Yes, if in bad aspect No, if not in aspect, indeterminate; look for supplemental information elsewhere in the in Sun and Venus. But the lords of the involved houses tend to give final judgment.
My own understanding (which is quite imperfect) is that if there is any kind of contact, as in, there being a ptolemaic aspect of any kind, means that the answer is yes. If the aspect is tense, that just means the matter will still come to fruition but with obstacles in the way. If there is no contact/no ptolemaic aspect between the planets, that means nothing will come of it.
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