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Originally Posted by IleneK View Post

Hey, JA.
Thank you for this; very interesting and informative.
I wonder what your thoughts are, how you might reconcile Deborah Houlding's comments

below about the significator of the mother/father with what you have written?
Is it perhaps that you are describing the 4th

as partaking of the parents, and thus, mother and father?
Thank you.
Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
THEMA MUNDI in Hellenistic astrology
illustrates positions of the seven visible classical planets
at the beginning of the universe
tsmall commented that
if you look at the Thema Mundi 4th house
is ruled by Venus
one of the traditional significations of the mother

4th house is "Everything that relates to the foundation and roots of our existence. Parents in general and fathers in particular; grandparents and ancestry. Paternity (inheritance from parents) as well as the psychological parental influence."

10th house is " The desire to achieve and give out to the world - whereas the lower midheaven indicates the roots of our existence from which we emerge, the midheaven indicates that which we manifest outwards into our community and the fruits of our labour. Ancient authors recognised its influence on many matters, including marriage and children. Traditionally it is the house of the mother."

also Libra is the exaltation of SATURN.
SATURN (the father) has natural affinity with 4th
is exalted by Venus
in the house that signifies "home/roots"
also gives us Saturn's affiliation with death
as the 4th represents death among other significations

Thema Mundi literally a teaching tool for astrologers.
as an illustration of reasons for the domicile rulers
the exaltations, the planetary joys
the nature of the aspects, sect

Douglas Noblehorse article extract
....The Thema Mundi is a Hellenistic Era Natural Wheel
that illustrates fundamental astrological principles.
In addition, it reveals the inner geometrical elegance
that gives these fundamentals their meaning and definition...."
House significations have morphed over the millennia IleneK
Those comments are relative to HELLENISTIC astrological methology
which predates Deborah Houldings astrological rationale
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