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Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
Of the seven metals, Saturn rules lead
which has a very dull surface
and makes a thick, heavy sound when struck.
Lead is also the heaviest, the most stable
and the most inert metal
the traditional metal of tombs.

Lead poisoning was originally referred to as 'Saturnism'
because the physical ailments of ingesting small quantities of lead include
fatigue, depression and melancholia.
Lead collects in bone tissue
and is more prevalent in the bones of old people than those of the young.

Nick Kollerstrom in his book ASTROCHEMISTRY
explores the link between Saturn, lead and Saturnism
reminding us that the effects of lead poisoning
are to 'slow down' the mental processes of the mind.
Saturn also rules all ordinary country stones that have no glitter and shine.
It is said to rule the dross of all metals and the dust, ash and rubbish of everything.
It does however, have some rulership over diamonds
the hardest mineral, derived from crystallised carbon.
Lead, and zinc are effective moss control elements. They protect what is below them by leaving a covering on top and killing any organism that tries to grow underneath it by leaching when it rains.🙂
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