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Re: Advice for someone with Cap 8th house stellium and Scorpio 6th house stellium

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My friend has been through a lot, as you can just tell by her birth chart. 8th house stellium with all inner planets and then moon conjunct pluto in 6th house SCORPIO. She needs a lot of advice and I want to make sure she gets everything. If anyone can please tell me what you see from her chart that might guide her, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
Here is the link for it if the image is too blurry
Yes, she does have a very intense natal chart. I am pretty sure she has gone through her fair share of personal traumas, childhood included. [Moon applying conjunction to Pluto/Scorpio, 6 planets in 8th in Cap]

But she also has a lot of old soul wisdom, as this incarnation is about growth and progress, [8th stellium]. And she is capable of making tremendous spiritual growth in this lifetime, with her Jupiter anchoring her chart and being the midpoint of her Virgo/Cap sextile. That represents a cosmic understanding that most individuals do not possess.

Her Chiron/Jupiter sextile allows her to see the big picture, and step away from the urge to feel like a victim, or complain about 'why me?' It allows her to understand her place within the UNIVERSE and see the personal path to growth and spiritual understanding.

I would tell her that Saturn leaving Capricorn /8th and entering Aquarius will be a big relief for her. She can move out of that feeling of being stuck/trapped and move forward.

Eventually it will hit her Saturn and trigger the maturation process of the Saturn Return. This is the beginning of that cycle and she will begin making gains in her work and career in early 2021.

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