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Re: Should I cancel my holiday

Actually, I'm going to see several friends, not just one, and for many reasons. These are all people that have been friends for 40 or more years. Catching up with one particular friend was important, but doesn't overide all the other people I want to catch up with, and in this case, I would assign that particular friend the 7th house, Jupiter in the 8th, given our past relationship (serious long term partner) and our current, rather complicated, but more than friends, relationship.

But thank you for your thoughts

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Based on if I understand your question correctly, which I many not, I think I would look more to what is going on between you and your friend to decide if you should cancel the holiday. Your friend/Venus is strong in this matter, Venus being in its exaltation. You/Merc have very modest strength by essential dignity, by face. We see your dismay towards your friend, since she/Venus is in the sign of your/Merc's detriment and fall.

I think what is uneasy between you and your friend may not be resolved since your significators are one sign apart. So not only do they not aspect, but they are described as disjunct; they do not regard each other, cannot see eye-to-eye.

If this question is about your friend and you, then think I might cancel a trip under these circumstances. If the "becom[ing] complicated" is not related to the friend, then my delineation may be incorrect.

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