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Re: Will I move out soon?

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post
Will I move out soon?

Are there any transits that would point to this coming up soon?

Hi Yony,

yes- there are.

You have

transiting saturn in your 10th house still conjuncting your mercury in 10th house and exact semisextiling your uranus in 11th house now.

Transiting uranus still squaring your neptune in 11th house

Transiting jupiter conjuncting your venus/pluto conj. and jupiter sextiling your natal uranus in 11th house.

Transiting chiron semisextiling your mars in 12th house.

What "transit-flight" (11th house) you like to take for your mysterious words here "moving out and coming up" - and what they mean and ask you to do - depends on where you are at the moment in your life and where you want to go to or to get (out or up).

I feel- reading a chart is a dialogue between persons and communication and not a crystal ball reading or riddle reading. Some personal info about where you are and what you ask for in advance is appreciated - as persons her invest their private time to try to help you.

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