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Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.

To unique:
I wanted to say I went googling Pluto square Pluto yesterday and ended up getting linked back to this forum. The link to this forum was that the change didn’t necessarily mean a negative thing. Which was good because I was starting to think that. Hmm I kind of have to work harder at being able to see a bigger picture when I read things (because my eyes and missing words and then also managing my emotions lol).
But yes some of the changes were hard. Hmm. But I think some of the hard changes or negatives were because some people just were annoyed I was struggling or saw I could keep composure in some situations and didn’t believe me when I asked for help in other situations.

So thank you so much for responding.

To ashriia and Kshantaram,
I will probably spend the next couple days trying to read when it’s not too much. There is a lot of things to get to read up on and I really appreciate that. Just have to bite-size it, . <3
Thank you !

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