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Re: Lost hard drive

I cast the chart for moment when I understood your question: 23 Mar 2020 TZ = -1.0 12.1700 A.M. 20e29 44n48 ASC=17Sag05

It will be found there are several testimonies for that!

Ruler in succedent house means that object is not in its usual place, and will take longer to find. However, it is usually nearby, outside, or in an outbuilding such as a garage. It is among other things behind something.

It can be in a basement, disorderly room, rooms with leather or plastic accessories or furnishings, room with old worn furniture or sparsely furnished, a room where an old person stays, in or near garage, near a refrigerator or freezer, dark places that are hard to reach, a shelf where there are ceramics, next to an air conditioner, places where wood is stored, at places near a corner. Look at business areas or near some potted plant.
Ruler in 2nd house means to look at kitchen, storeroom or larder, cloakroom or wardrobe, room next to the entrance. Also look for it where money or precious things are kept. Ruler, Saturn is on 0 degree that suggests a location close to a wall or partition.

Direction: north by east
Near colour:black, dark green, brown, grey, gloomy colors, dark blue

POF is in 12 house in Sag. It can be in an upper room, near the fire or radiator, the largest room of the house, places where entertainment of guests is held, rooms where insurance policies are kept, a room where pets are allowed in the house, place where prayer books and college books are stored, among college memorabilia, place where woolen products are stored, room where very expensive furniture or imported things are.
It is out of sight, thoroughly hidden and often undetectable. It is in hidden places, places of prayer and meditation, the garage or junk room.

Direction: Southeast
Near colour:deep blue, purple, red, grey
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