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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Originally Posted by Love2Know View Post
I dont think aspects make you bad.. i think your choices of where to direct your energy do.. in my opinion. Plus i do not trust.. always the way people interpert aspects.. a lot is weird astrological discourse which comes from random peoples feelings or views or a place of bad abd fear and not good.. i find a lot of indian astrologers do that because it is very culturally specific. Like my sun op mars sounds worse when reading it than it is. I imagine someone in a war country with a great chart having it a lot worse... everything is relative to the socioeconomical enviornment and how the people view it.... a pampered person could experience the same amount of grief as a poor isolated person with the same aspect but the rest of the world might not.... also my merc 12 always been a better communicator than most of my peers.
This is true, I'd agree.

"The stars impel but don't compel" as they say
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