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Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
Good points.


Anyway, I don't see the need to respond to your comment. If you've got this all figured out, then you don't need my perspective or anyone else's.
I NEVER said I *wanted* to get plastic surgery nor did I say there wasn't a middle ground between aggressive and submissive. Who said I didn't wear make up? If what you got out of that is that I want plastic surgery, you definitely misunderstood my point.

You know, this website is actually a lot like middle school. If you're someone with emotions, or the people don't like you, other people gang up on you and pick apart everything you say, whereas if you're liked or a "good astrologer" you can get away with just about anything. I've noticed this with more than just me. I've noticed this with people I dislike. I've noticed that whenever I make it clear that I'm upset or hurt about something, I get much nastier replies and more of them

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