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Man city vs Man utd

ASC 6 Degrees virgo
DSC 6 Degrees Pieces
moon no major aspect with lord 1 and lord 7
moon no major aspect with lord 1 antis and lord 7 antis as well as pof and Apof. lord 4 and lord 10 as well as their antis no major aspect on cusp. but with moon close to ASC and the north node in 1st house, we can expect a win from the ASC team.
man city plays in sky blue and white while man utd plays in red/white or black. which ever way, it is man city ASC and Man utd DSC.

New castle vs Sunderland
ASC 10 Degrees leo
DSC 10 degrees Aquarius.
Moon making no major aspect with lord 1, lord 7, pof and antis.
sun lord of 1 conjuncts the south node. disadvantage for asc. The only disavantage for the dsc is the partile square saturn makes with jupiter. I think one has to concentrate on their accidental dignity to get the winner. but for the fact lord 1 conjuncts the south node may be the dsc team might just sneak it.
new castle white/black
sunderland full green.
asc -sunderland.
Please sven 555 what do you think about this prediction? Thanks.
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