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Re: When a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- what house is impacted mo

Planets conjunct a house cusp powerfully resonate with the house it's on the cusp of. But you have to use a decent house system to get the cusps right, and that's where you have differences of opinion.

I took a course awhile ago from a particularly experienced astrologer who noticed the strong effects of planets on cusps from his work with over 10,000 clients. He noticed this specifically with the Porphyry and Equal house systems. So if he sees a planet on a cusp in either of those systems, he sees the planet as being amplifed, the house as being amplified and any houses the planet rules as being amplified. Seeing a planet conjunct the AC or MC, you don't really have a question of what house that planet is resonating strongly with usually. It's the same for intermediary house cusps but you have to use a house system with reputable cusps.

I've since taken on board his techniques myself since I have a lot of respect for this guy's experience, and I've noticed this working in my life and the charts of others. But note, Placidus is not used here.

This guy also uses whole signs. So he uses 3 house systems, but for the cusps he's using equal and porphyry.

re: planets being different across different house systems, they can have mixed effects across multiple houses or be particularly strong in a house if in the same house across the 3 house systems. My whole sign 10th ruler is in the 5th, I've worked selling entertainment package for television. My porphyry/placidus ruler of the 10th is on the cusp of the 6th, I eventually got into technology and am working on a tech startup company with a colleague. etc., you can notice interesting things like this when you study with different houses for awhile.

Barely anyone uses multiple house systems at the moment, but it will be the future of astrology. Thousands of astrologers swear by one house system, thousands swear by another. It logically implies that several house systems are having an effect on different layers.
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