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When a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- what house is impacted more?

In your experience, when a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- to what house will most of the planets energy's be directed?

i ask this because i thought about houses that are very different in their nature- and if it concerns a planet that is personal- it seems very strange how such a placement would work

for example having the moon around on the cusp of the 9th house but still technically being in the 8th- well the 8th and the 9th are extremely different houses, and the moon is representative of one's mother (one of the many things the moon represents of course- but this is one of them) so moon in the 8th is usually a position that presents itself difficulties and have a more negative connotation- especially concerning the mother, on the other hand the 9th house stands for expansion, luck, travel, religion, higher education- and having the moon in the 9th is overal mostly considered a more beneficial placement

so how would you say you have seen this work out?

this can also apply for example to planets being in a house in placidus- and in another house in whole signs, i have always wondered how that can be interpreted and especially if it concerns houses of very different natures- which lets be honest they almost all are so..

i would really appreciate insight in to this!


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