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Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post
So i have quite a lot of sextiles in my natal chart, and also quite a lot of semi-sextiles, however i struggle to understand the difference between these two aspects- the name makes it sound like it is almost alike- but thinking about it- it is still a very different aspect, especially when taking in account the difference in sign-interaction and difference in acual literal degrees...

so my question is, what is the difference in outward effect between a semi sextile and a sextile? a real practical difference

for example say the difference between a mars placed in sagittarius- and a saturn placed in aquarius (a sextile) and a mars placed in sagittarius and a saturn placed in capricorn (semi-sextile) lets say the aspect is pretty exact and is happening between the 1-3 and 1-2 houses.

and also, because the name is clearly suggesting something that is partly or semi- and the semi-sextile is considered a minor aspect- is that truly so? i have for example found inconjuncts, or quincunxes, to be considered a minor aspect as well- but clearly from personal experience and research this is absolutely NOT the case and can be one of the major issues in a persons life- and also the issue that will give most benefit when worked upon

thank you
in addition i had state that there is indeed similarities too between semisextiles and inconjuncts, in that for example mars in Sagittarius will be inconjunct say moon in taurus : Sagittarius and Taurus are both dissimilar in configuration (fire, mutable) to (earth, fixed) which is comparable to the semi-sextile experience mars in Sagittarius semisextile saturn in Capricorn (fire, mutable) to ( earth, cardinal). My suggestion then is you had find here two planets quite different in their energetic expression by placement working together for a common goal somewhat like the sibling analogy used earlier. Different now to the inconjunct with the same qualities i explained earlier albeit working towards a polar kind of relationship to achieve their goal probably because in this case that the inconjunct approaches a opposition.
Right there is the key i noticed in the relationship of those aspects.
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