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Re: Does Mars retrograde have a more significant effect for those that have Mars on A

" but at least i could control my own actions/behavior (the only thing you can control is yourself after all) and perhaps try to minimize the harmful effects as much as i can..."

lol....ideally. But not. You can't control Mars transit energy even when you know it's coming.
Next time Mars goes Rx it will do so at 28 degrees of Aries."

It won't be aspecting anything ON the retrograde at that time (in your chart.)

Also, I am not sure that your Mars can be considered "conjunct" your ascendant. It is 8 degrees from that ASC. That doesn't mean that aspects to the ASC won't affect the Mars and aspects to Mars will not affect the Asc. The faster planet transits may seem like they are together...but the heavy planets in transit can take a really long time to transit from the ASC to Mars. It's all very "one step at a time" - depending upon the planet and the transit and the other transits at the same time.

Retrograde Mars for me was part of a SH.... Storm of difficult transits which have been going on for over 3 years. Anyway, Mars retrograded on an inconjunct to my natal Mars which is near, but not ON my MC.

My natal Mars is square my natal Uranus and this inconjunct and in fact the whole time Mars was retrograde totally ATE UP my entire summer in many ways. That isn't the only transits from Mars but now it's over and I hope I can forget it.

But I'm still hearing bad news from friends and clients who have planets in early degrees of signs which Mars aspected poorly as it is taking it's time to move on. It's like the retrograde that just left all types of devastation behind it.

But remember: Aquarius is the sign of the unpredictable. So just can't know. I am hoping Uranus into Taurus (the sign of tradition) will help "us" as a worldwide society" even if it may do some damage personally. We really need some positive structure in this world.

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."

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