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Re: Does Mars retrograde have a more significant effect for those that have Mars on A

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
To begin with Mars retrograded ON your Venus.....and inconjunct your Jupiter. That was bad enough to define most of what you have experienced. Actually it inconjuncted your Jupiter once on the direct, and then inconjuncted it again on the retrograde and will inconjunct AGAIN as it passes 9 degrees Aquarius. It was pretty much a nightmare for most of the people I've spoken to on the forums - including myself. I'm not sure the Mars on the ASC issue was particularly important. I believe that whatever aspects Mars (or other retrograde planets) makes - those areas are the key issue focus.

Mars today is JUST NOW in the process of passing the degree it was when it retrograded.

Jupiter will cross your ASC this year. I think you are going to find yourself in another head space entirely.
and just between you and me, you can try everything you want and spend all the physical and emotional energy you want trying to fight transits......but it won't help. We are so tiny in this universe. We just have to suck it up and get thru to the more positive "presents".
in no way have i wanted to 'fight' this or any transits, i understand (after having to have to live through some especially tricky transits) there is benefit to every transit and a lesson to be learned from it! i just wanted to know if having mars on the ascendant would impact me more significantly- so that next time mars goes retrograde ill be aware more and not that i could change anything- but at least i could control my own actions/behavior (the only thing you can control is yourself after all) and perhaps try to minimize the harmful effects as much as i can...

i actually never thought about mars inconjuncting my jupiter by transit- i have this aspect natally of course with venus- but to be honest seeing they are both benefics it hasnt ever gotten so dramatic and horrid as with this transit...its not the best aspect to have but it has never punished me in the ways mars did....i can only say thankgod mars was sextiling my ascendant as well? who knows what would have been if that wasnt the case...i look forward to mars moving out of this zone in my chart..

and yes jupiter is going to conjunct my ascendant in november...although i have noticed jupiter only truly manifesting great blessings for me after he retrogrades and then goes direct that will be somewhere next year then..but it sure will give me some relief and hard-needed good luck!

where did mars transit for you?

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