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Re: Does Mars retrograde have a more significant effect for those that have Mars on A

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
Hi January,
I don't want you to get the wrong idea about these Mars issues. You are discussing 2 totally different dynamics.

Mars on the ASC, in any sign has a meaning. The aspects to that Mars in your natal chart has a meaning. The sign it's in has a meaning. This is part of your core natal identity.

Transit Mars, even retrogrades, are a different dynamic. The only way one would affect the other (negatively) is if in transit, by retrograde, Mars opposes, squares or inconjuncts that natal Mars which during that transit.

Most of us find Mars retrograde a bit of a pain. Especially in a fixed sign. This past Mars in Aquarius retrograde was particularly difficult. Luckily, Mars doesn't retrograde in Aquarius on any regular basis.

If you check other planets during the time you had these inconveniences you may find that other planets were not friendly either to some extent.

If you post your chart with the transits of a date that was particularly difficult, maybe I can find some additional causes for some of these events.
yes i know that its not about mars retrograde and the position of mars in your natal chart however because its on the ascendant i thought that maybe that would have more effect on someone- as everyone always states that planets on the ascendant are 10 times more important as you literally become that planet- so i thought if we say that when your ascendant lord is retrograde- you will feel that impact a lot as it rules YOU- so why would we not take into consideration then having planets ON the ascendant going retrograde- as having the same such impact? or even more so..

but sure lets look at my chart

i just randomly picked the 20th of july as that sounded like it was half-way through the retrograde

merci and cant wait to see what you have to say
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