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Does Mars retrograde have a more significant effect for those that have Mars on ASC?

My question is as follows, from my understanding mars retrograde effects all- but because it is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio- the people with their ascendants in those signs are significantly impacted more for the ascendant rules their entire self.

But how does this relate to people who have mars on the ascendant, he doesnt rule the sign of the ascendant but he is still very much a big part of their life for any planets in the first are extremely significant.

i ask this because after a particularly turbulent and strange time in my life- i set out to find what was causing this- and yes i knew mars was retrograde but after really having the worst 2 months where everything that could have gone wrong went wrong- i had a thousand issues in all areas of life blow up so extremely in my face that at some points i thought- this isnt really happening is it- this cant be that literally everything went wrong- i wont go into the details but lets just say that if you name an important area of life- i could say that i had something go terribly wrong there- name any area. and it seemed like a never-ending spiral of doom but then mars turned direct and simply out of nowhere- because at that point i had just given up on trying to solve anything and i just was ready to crash and burn because i had no energy, no faith or anything left in me that had the ability to solve the situation- and then out of nowhere things started to improve- by themselves

i had previously tried- and failed- i had put all of my energy and willpower- and it was futile and had no effect whatsoever. and then suddenly everything sort of magically improved- a week after mars turned direct most of the problems were solved- most of them by themselves.

so i was like- lets check out what happened during past mars retrogrades- and what do you know, i was very unpleasantly surprised by my findings

a selection of what previous mars retrogrades have brought to me: lost my passport while abroad, chipped my front tooth, broke new iphone, letter from my college got lost in the mail resulting in me getting my student-stipend (my primary source of income when i studied) to be stopped for almost 2 months, had argument with parents which led to escalation of different events, lost money, food poisoning which was hospitalized, accidentally broke an expensive camera at work resulting in me having to pay it off with 3 months of salary, fell of my bike, same bike got stolen, losing home keys resulting me in not being able to get home for the entire night when i had nowhere to go- and last but certainly not least- literally had almost nothing to eat for 2 months and could not do anything about it because of a series of events i could not ever have imagined to happen- did happen.

and of course, negative events have also happened during other times- but what stands out to me for all of the above events- is that i could not do anything to solve it- i was unable to control the situation and make it better- at least for the duration of the retrograde- i put in 10 times more of my energy and i never got any results- the helplessness- the desperation of it all- thats what really stands out to me- thats not who i am- no optimism, giving up, giving in, settling, preparing for the worst instead of my usual i hope for the best- it was terrible and i am only now starting to feel more like myself again. its like a blur this past summer.

so of course other factors would also come in to play but it cannot avoid the obvious here- mars retrograde has a significant detrimental effect on my life and i was thinking why specifically is mars so impactful? i dont have mars retrograde in my natal chart, im a sag ascendant, my mars isnt receiving any hard aspects from malefics- no squares or oppositions from saturn, pluto, uranus, neptune whatever- his dispositor is exalted, and he is in a strong position- the first house

so then i started thinking- what if mars on the ascendant IS the reason that i do experience the retrograde so heavily- as opposed to the retrograde of my asc lord jupiter for example- which i dont even notice, same as the retrogrades of planets that are natally retrograde in my chart- for example mercury retrograde i actually never have anything go wrong concerning documents when he is retrograde- and to be honest venus retrograde i checked all previous times- nothing dramatic or even out of the ordinary happened-

so are there any astrologers that can confirm my assumption? does mars retrograde affect not only aries/scorpio ascendants more heavily- but also people that have mars on the ascendant?

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