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Am I going to France on a mini-holiday?

my full question was:

Am I going on a mini-trip to France at the end of june/beginning of july?

background info:

have been planning to go on a trip to Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat (a small seaside town in the south of France) as i haven't been there for 3 years almost and i used to go every year as a mini-break before my actual summer holiday, and i was looking forward to start that tradition again, i used to go with my mother but thats not an option anymore, so im going with my friends- they are a couple and its perfect because we will be together for dinners but i will still have my time to do whatever i want during the day and not have to think of anyone when i make plans and just relax and clear my mind and do whatever I want to do- but still not be alone as i am a girl and its still another country- and i would be too lonely if it was just me- so yeah thats the information

now as for as the chart

mars is asc lord and also the lord of the 5th of pleasure and fun and trips

moon is in the 5th house as well- exalted no less- and with uranus- meaning finally i get to break free and the fun-side of life gets a much needed change as i have been literally dealing with so many life issues (thanks saturn crossing ascendant two years ago- im still working THAT out)

9th lord sun in the 7th house- with mercury- that could mean the couple and i together- in gemini double sign

also the north node so close to the cusp of the 9th house also looks very promising

and last but no least- jupiter in the 12th house of foreign places- would also point to a yes- yes?

looking forward to your input!
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