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Re: Does anyone see children in my chart? Please help

yeah! i have been there too at my very early 20s where one *** (gemini) fickle minded person said he loves me and so on...came all the way from australia married me then left me saying he want to marry someone his parents wish for & his family wont accpet me because am not from his country or cast or religion and so on.

he wanted to marrya millianore girl for that he divorced me without my concerned due to the **** rules in his country. i had nothing to do to fight against it but get depressed and it took me 8 yrs to get back to normal.

that to i got back to normal once because of my fiance. I trust him he is a capricorn (not like fickle head gemini) Capricorn men are so steadya dn loyal they would never cheat. plus...i have seen both our charts it says he is the one.

also i have check other sources on my life my palm reading and asian chart reading...with prof astrologer (my parents did that for me) it was said that i will get married between 29-31 yrs when i reach* plus...1st marriage wont last but my 2nd one would last forever and i will live happily. i willg et my own family my husband my kids only after i turn 30. yea kinda that even if i get married to my fiance now or later this year any how all the process gonna take a couple of years and by the time we start our family together i will be 30

I am hoping everythign should go fine, i have seen he worst in my past i was nearly dead in crying and felt i should never be born. but now since my fiance came in my life i feel like i am born again
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