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Re: Does anyone see children in my chart? Please help

Our families are not a problem in a ways they are okay. they both side will be fine and happy for us... only problem is the laws and govt. you know he cant come here but to get him here i need to marry him. i was wonderign abt what are the options and so on just flying around my head.... we got time still worried like how things gonna work.

because of the fake ppl who use marraige for someother needs in foriegn countries the govt have made the rules and processes so hard sp for the long distance relationships. thats really affecting the geniune couples...grrrr...

man he was here sometime back same country as i was but we missed lol the fate just bring us together haha... he has been to my town just few streets away form my house but still we didnt know each other at that point of time hahaha

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