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Re: Does anyone see children in my chart? Please help

Originally Posted by jenno640 View Post
My mom is a lot better now But yes I was 24 when I married. The man I'm currently married to, I married him when I was 27 & I'm 30 now gonna turn 31 in April, 23. I know things that are really worth it are worth waiting for, I was just looking for some reassurance. Thank you for taking a look for me

Wowww thanks for know what so far all the predctions i said was for some one related to me by blood they be like i know the story. when i say it to my fiance abt his future he goes you are bluffing* are you not saying it to make me feel better... that kinda gave me a negetive effecit..all these days i was so sure abt my reading (so far what i have learnt with in this short span) but when ppl question me i was like :| what? (doubting) my self whats going on Am I random?

but thanks for confirming am not random in predction.

so far so good...i saw 2 men in ur life (tats true)
married around 23 + and 27 (thats true - btw i didnt have time to work on the months so i just did a quick one the 23)

your location (true- some where just straight to the longitudes of canada) cos of ur libra states ur somewhere in america (N/S both)

if thats all true this will be true too that in future you guys will get settled in europe and you will get a child soon not just one but 2 kids

btw sweet of you being there for your step son not everyone does that...supportive and so on to their step kid... you do care abt him...nice

all the best with your future Ill pray for you to get all the happines of the tiny little joys to come to your life...stay blessed.

I am feeling so positive about what i have learnt so far.

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