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Re: aspects/houses/planets and everything in between

The unconscious houses are four, eight and twelve.

House Four

There is a big debate which house rules mother and father. Here is the answer.
If your dad was more nurturing, then he is 4th house. If you were much closer to mom, then she is 4th. Also, 4th house describes your emotional and psychological connection with family roots and routines.

It is also the house of your psychological foundation and infancy.
This house deals with roots, plain and simple.

Aries as a leader of the world loves to control the domestic environment. Also Aries individual feels he/she can express himself/herself the best in domestic conditions. This person knows exactly what he/she wants and has an incredible courage to express it or/and demand it.

Gemini hates routines at home! Parents of this child probably had many many other interests other than their own children. And in adulthood, family is seen as a burden or entrapment.

Leo in 4th house is a priceless entertainment if well behaved. The child or adult behaves from day 1 as he/she is a in his own castle. The room of this individual esp a child is very dramatic and theatrical in some ways. A female energy is usually the focal point of this child.

Scorpio is mysterious here. Often times the individuals tend to branch off and plant their own “tree” and start a new family by his/her rules and tends to have a problem with a family past.

Aquarius is similar to Scorpio in 4th house. Often times the child with Aquarius in 4th house is “black sheep.” Another thing I noticed Aquarius 4th house natives come from eccentric family.

Mars in 4th house if AFFLICTED might indicate that the native came from abusive home, which may follow him/her well into childhood.

Neptune in 4th house has a difficulty seeing a home as a nest therefore has incredibly hard time settling down. It is also noted that Neptune in 4th house shows a person whose family’s past to have secrets or parents unknown or missing. Robert Hand wrote that Neptune in 4th house gives a person a need to live near the water.

Pluto has similar effect as Aquarius in 4th house. Pluto transforms home/family roots in individual and usually the person with either of those positions in charge of a change. If Pluto is placed ill, an individual does not like to stay in 1 place and may feel very restricted.

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