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Re: aspects/houses/planets and everything in between

We talked about Personal houses – first, fifth and ninth houses and Practical houses – two, six, and ten houses. Let’s continue with the rest of houses.

The social houses are three, seven, and eleventh.
The social sector in your chart shows you how you relate to others and how the outer world relates to you.

Third House
If the First house tells us and you about your own early life, then the third house tells us how you understand and accept the circumstances that led you into this world. People with traumatic childhoods usually have heavy bombardment in 1st and 3rd houses. It is also the house where your immediate siblings are found. Third house people tend to take a lot in when they are in elementary through junior high school. If you are a parent of a child that has a majority planets in 3rd house, your child will be more inclined to study hard in during pre-high school period. Some astrologers put high school in 3rd house. I tend to disagree with them. Also people with a majority of third house planets has an ability and a gift to speak his/her mind and possibly if everything else is aligned is a naturally born writer or a orator.

One of the most fascinating 3rd house owners are Aries.
Not only that they are feisty speakers and have a rough abrupt, get to the point philosophy but they are competitive strong rivals especially when it comes to their own brothers and sisters.
Aries in 3rd house person is more mentally active than Gemini in 3rd house person if you ask me. Yes, indeed, Gemini rules naturally 3rd house but one of the greatest disadvantages in having Gemini in 3rd is the person with that position may not focus on one direction but will have a scattered knowledge without understanding the mechanics as would Virgo do. Virgo in 3rd house will work meticulously to find the best option to understand how the object works. They need to know everything about the object so they can fix it, repair it and prevent the breakage in the future. Virgo in 3rd house person will look after his/her sibling to make sure those he/she/they is/are properly dressed, fed and supervised. You need a babysitter? Look for Virgo in 3rd house.
Sagitarius in 3rd house is another interesting placement. Sags rule 9th house BUT in 3rd house they are experts in local exploration. A person with Sag in 3rd will know every freakin’corner in his/her neighborhood. An enormous love for knowledge makes these guys/gals to be excellent students and possibly teachers. They love what they study and whatever they study they know how to bring interest into others even if it is a boring subject. I have noticed that people with that placement start a conversation with “did you know that..” Libras 3rd house as I am one of them I have to agree with Robert Hand, when he wrote that they love to organize trips for others and if they haven’t been there themselves they tend to learn about the place and know every picturesque spot. Arts and humanities are their favorite subjects. I don’t know about arts but humanities, ohh yeah. I finished high school in Humanities magnet program inside of a regular high school. I haven’t met any Cappies in 3rd house but from what I have read, they tend to take heavy responsibilities over their siblings just like Virgo in 3rd house people. 3rd house Cappies tend to seek out jobs going back to their pre-school. The most sensitive 3rd house placement belongs to none other but Pisces. I met a few of them. There are at least 2 categories that I am aware of.
One is they remember everything and sadly enough a lot of it are painful memories or they will remember something someone said to them ages ago, they will remember every single detail about that moment. The second type is Piscean 3rd house is excellent at giving emotional assistance. He/she will cry with you and watch with you some sentimental girlie flick, then for the next week dissect that movie in a great detail.

I did some dig ups on which planet performs better in 3rd house; I have to say that Saturn is the most detrimental. BUT then again, it all depends on condition of Saturn. Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Venus tend to perform in 3rd house the best. These planets tend to extract the most of 3rd house energies. Uranus and Pluto in 3rd house are amusing and that is least to say. Uranus brings a rebel out in 3rd house and at the same time Uranus in 3rd house has more developed intuition. If you need to raise hell and bring about revolution or drive someone nuts, befriend Uranus in 3rd house person, then go and do your little evil deeds. Pluto in 3rd house gives a native an ability to “feel” the other person’s thoughts and predict what the other person would do more effectively. Pluto in 3rd house gives a native a keen ability to study the body language of the other. He/she can read the other person by studying everyday normal gestures. The negative issue with Pluto in 3rd house is when a person with this placement gets depressed, morbid thoughts do go through their heads, which makes it even more difficult to snap out of light degree of depression.

Seventh House

If first house was all about you, 7th house deals with others.

Aries in 7th house is weird! Libra on ascendant makes the person crave for sense of finding himself/herself in others. Libra ascendant owners get into relationships without realizing what they are getting themselves into. It is also been observed that people with libra rising try to perfect the other to suit their needs and often that leads to losing the other’s true identity, which leads to a breakup. Taurus in 7th house is 1 girl/guy person. He/she does not want to be involved in many flings or relationships. Sex for Taurus in 7th house is important and that alone can eclipse other important areas in relationships. Libra on descendant is a bit too bossy. The attitude can range from “do it my way!” to “My other half is god/dess, so if he/she is in love me with me, I must be god/dess myself” Honestly, I haven’t seen 2nd attitude at all but I have seen Aries in 1st house bossing their other halves. Aquarius in 7th house need a eccentric person to even out the flair of Leo rising person who willingly and unwillingly end up in the center of the stage.

When you have personal planets such as Sun, Moon, and ruler of your chart in 7th house, you tend to sacrifice or lose yourself in the relationship.
Mars may not be positive planet to have in 7th house. If Mars is afflicted, he/she may have a violent temper. Pluto in 7th house may bring out the worst out of the native if it is afflicted. Jealousy and possessiveness may be sparked by Pluto.

Eleventh House

If 7th house is all about one-on-one relationship, eleventh house is how we related to social groups. Also, Robert Hand notes that this house shows your ability to resolve a crisis among several people at the same time by correcting the wrong.
Aries in 11th house has a desire and a drive to prove himself/herself in society. Not only that but he/she takes a leader position in groups.

Taurus in 11th house would be perfect friend. A lot of people with that placement are extremely loyal and faithful friend .. the same goes for scorpio in 11th house owners.

Cancer in 11th house has a quite unusual approach to society. He/she is very nourishing and very protective at the same time. Maternal instincts are heightened. Unfortunately, sometimes Cancer in 11th house can be very selfish because of his/her ambitions and being self-protective.

Virgos and Pisces tend to play Mother Teresa role. You will find a lot of Virgo and Pisces in 11th house to be either in missionary tasks or in to be first on a plane to assist to those who were devastated by a disaster or in serious trouble. Pisces can lose its individuality when he/she is in the group. I guess that comes with a philosophy that he/she will be taken care of and protected. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Pisces in 11th house are more likely to be taken advantage of than any other 11th house sign. But this all depends on Neptune as its ruler.

Sun in 11th house lives in society and the person who would probably be a socialite and tends to shine there.

Moon in 11th house gives that person friends from all walks of life. Friends are highly important and the person tends to spend extra attention to them.

Mars is troublesome here. In the worst case scenario, this native will use friends to get where he/she wants.

Neptune is sketchy here. It may bring fake friends or the native may project fakeness even when he/she does not really mean to act that way.

Saturn in 11th house native tends to be very discriminating and may not be opened to friendships unless the other person is proven to be trustworthy

To be continued

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