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Relationship astrology

An initial question about composite midpoints is how one can make a midpoint of midpoints(midpoint composite). Midpoints are a mathametical abstraction ,hence furthur mathematical abstractions(composite midpoints) should be valid.
Ebertin long ago researched double midpoints though he did not elaborate on these . Some contest that midpoints themselves are not real and hence peripheral at best to chart interpretation. But this criteria of reality also cannot explain the mechanism of astrology as a whole.Astrology is interpretation of symbols, why hold that midpoints must be real,when Astrology itself does not mean this criterion for validity.

The key to composite midpoints is to select those that form a structure in the composite.With so many midpoints, one can be easily confused about which are integral to the chart and which are not.
The composite aspects set basic structure of the relationship. Midpoints mathematically bear the imprint of the basic aspects and usually the nature of the basic aspects and midponts reflect each other. But not always, and in most composites the emotional triggers are often more clearly seen in midpoints than the aspects. But not always.

The composite aspect builds a picture of the relationship. So selecting which midpoints to investigate depends on the contour of the composite chart.
Who the inquirers are ,the number nature of the relationship and even the numbers in the composite ,all must be considered when choosing midpoints.
This is the most efficient manner by which to proceed without considering every midpoint and aspect.

An example is a composite of a male/female relationship.
This composite usually implies that a structured relationship is being considered.Hence one should focus on venus,sun,moon,jupiter,juno and mars.
My prejudice is that spontaneous afffection is necessary for a romantic involvement to blossom.Of course if the composite was of a business partnership, then a different group of planets would be investigated first.

Along with the above mentioned planets ,one would also calculate the midpoints because even without harmonious aspects with the composite planets, conjunctions with midpoints can shows affection and other qualities.
Trines ,conjunctions,oppositions and sextiles of the above group of planets usually point to a successful relationship.But not always.
These are the most stable forms for relationship but emphasis on squares and oppositions can also manifest successful relationships, though squares can be difficult.
Spontaneous affection is usually show by venus/mars,venus/sun,venus/moon,venus/jupiter conjunctions or any of these midpoints conjunct to one of the planets listed. Squares and oppositions also show spontaneous affection but the intensity and reliabilty are more difficult to sustain in a positive direction.Other planets can be involved in positive manifestations but for brevity in the discussion I highlighted the least problematic planets.

The planets and aspects that cause the most problems to committed relationships are saturn,chiron,pluto and mars.
Uranus can add either idealism or chaos and instability. but the former planet, when maleficly aspected are clear detriments to the relationship.

Saturn,chiron, and pluto square each other or their midpoints square the sun,moon,venus,mars or jupiter can be deal breakers.Usually these planets bring such selfishness and insensitivity that the relationship can not sustain itself,even with benefic trines and sextiles of the lights.

Uranus square to saturn,jupiter or the sun usually leads to a breakup and instability for various reasons.
The moon/saturn when conjunct can be very favorable of the duration of the relarionship but it is not discriminating and can keep either a good or bad relationship together.The semisquare and sesquiquadrate also function in a destructive manner but their effects can be ameliorated through intimacy much more easily than the squares.

Once one begins to see the nature of the relationship,one can investigate midpoints which would reinforce ones' ideas.

Neptune and its midpoints with the conscious planets give a indice to the fidelity or rather lack of fidelity in a chart.Neptune is very diffficult to pin down because it can show exalted spiritual connections in a chart or the same aspect can show deception and infidelity. Here is where one's initial impression of the chart comes into play.With trines and sextiles neptune would more likely show compassion and truth in the relationship rather than deception, but not always. More than with any other planet, the moral quality of the individual's chart is helpful to understand neptune's composite influence.If there were squares between the saturn then this selfishness would indicate that Neptune was functioning in a deceptive manner.
Neptune square to saturn is usually a deal breaker as it shows that hidden issues and attitudes are pervasive in the relationship.This 95% of the time shows overt deception,but it can also show cultural or religious differences or an age difference,usually the male being much older.This square can also show a very creative or spiritual side but the chart would need to reflect aspects of harmony and love.

Todd "Rahu" Neimann

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