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Lost in translation

Neptune Ruler of the Ocean
Mythic Astrology ~ Contact with the great ocean of the collective unconscious, that eternal storehouse of images and dreams, may bring forth psychic earthquakes and sweep us into the stormy realm of Poseidon (Neptune).

Merging with something greater

In astrology Neptune is the desire to go beyond the self and merge with something greater. It is the urge to lose ourselves and dissolve all boundaries, to be one with all life. Neptune breaks down barriers and can overwhelm us by flooding our conscious selves with images of the unconscious, and unseen. Under Neptune we feel that there is a deeper emotional connection to the world and have empathy for all people no matter of their class, race, or religion. Neptune represents our universal feelings and it is primarily the ruler of water, this element in astrology symbolises all that is emotional, feminine, and mysterious. Water has the ability to flow through, over and round objects, it can wear away anything which gets in the way, water can create new life in response to it’s own inner urgings.

Spiritual Rebirth

Deep water can signify being out of our depth or entering into our own subconscious. The “spiritual rebirth” is represented by the cycle of water, and the sea represents our cosmic consciousness, the original chaotic state in which all life emerges. Inherent in that state is all knowledge & completeness, although it may be obscured by our fear of it’s depths. The rise and fall of the tides is to be conscious both of the passage of time and of the rise and fall of our own emotions.


Often Neptune can have a dissolving effect and can wash away all personal identity, motivations, clarity, ego. Under Neptune either natally or by transit often describes a feeling of being lost and hopeless in the great sea, especially if we cannot stay on land and live in our physical reality. Neptune rules the 12th house & the Zodiac sign of Pisces. There are 12 zodiac houses in the horoscope and Aries being the 1st house symbolizes the beginning of our identity, the first emergence of physical being into the world. The 12th house belonging to Pisces and Neptune symbolise the pre-birth waters of the womb, before we are separated from the source. You can see why it is so difficult for Neptune to have personal definition when the planet is concerned with the realm we least know consciously. Thus Neptune is the most difficult planet to rationally understand, thus you can see the difficulty of this pairing as Mercury is the planet of the mind and how we mentally and rationally understand the mundane world.
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