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Part 5 – Wealth and its Magnitude and Nature; the Acquisition

Part 5 – Wealth and its Magnitude and Nature; the Acquisition

The Eleventh house is in Pisces, thus the lot of Acquisition is ruled by Jupiter. The acquisition ruled by Jupiter alone implies the native can accumulate great wealth, but we have to consider its strength.

It is out of sect, though rejoicing as it is above the horizon, which mitigates to a point this debility. It is succeedent, and Jupiter is at home in Pisces; it is fairly strong.

In the fortune chart it is strong in the second, which alone means the native will have great wealth in life, especially as it rules the eleventh, as well.

Jupiter in Pisces can indicate a great spiritual wealth; Jupiter lying in close orb in the natal to the ninth house. Jupiter’s position in the eighth “House of Wealth” means the native will garner wealth from the marriage partner. The malefic mars however, its position in the eighth can indicate sudden debts, and in the second, sudden financial or material losses; or even loss of self-value.

There are three planets in the sign of Acquisition. Sun, Mercury, and Venus.
The sun, ruling the fortune seventh again means the native acquires things through men in her life or the marriage partner. Ruling the fortune fifth, she will acquire things through fifth house related matters such as music, and dancing. It can also signify a luxurious lifestyle.

Mercury, the exaltation ruler can signify the native’s fame helping towards what they acquire. As the fortune eighth, again through the marriage partner’s finances, it also rules the fortune fifth which again is through music, and dancing or other creative projects.

Venus. A benefic in the acquisition is always some sort of gift, it is succeedent, and in sect. Venus rules the third and tenth houses natally, the fortune ninth, and fourth.

Venus as the third can be acquiring things through appearances on the television, radio, and the general media, or touring in domestic travel. As the tenth ruler, the native gains in reputation and honor, accomplishments and success.

Ruling the fourth this can signify houses or properties of land, and in Sagittarius, properties and houses abroad, large great estates. Interestingly enough, Turner does have about 2-3 houses in Europe.

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