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Part 4 -- The Exaltation

Part 4 – The Exaltation

Here’s how we find the exaltation in the chart manually:

A) If you were born with the sun above the horizon (i.e.: diurnal chart, day birth)
Note what sign the sun is in. In my chart, it is in Libra.

Next, count the signs from the sun’s position to the position of Aries (the sun’s exaltation sign) in astrological order. So, now we are counting the signs counter-clockwise from Aries to Libra. Include Aries in the count. We get the number seven.

Now, we progress the ascendant seven signs to find the exaltation of the native. In my case, as the ascendant is in Libra, we get the same sign of Aries. Thus my exaltation in the chart is Aries, tenth from the part of fortune.

If the sun happened to be in Pisces, you can do two steps, but backwards. Go two signs backwards from the ascendant as well. If the ascendant were in Virgo, then the exaltation would be Leo.

A) If you were born with the sun under the horizon (i.e. : nocturnal chart, night birth)

Note what sign the moon is. Say it is in Cancer, for example.

Count the signs from Taurus (moon’s exaltation) to Cancer. Including your starting point in the count, you will get the number three (Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer).

Now, progress the ascendant three signs. If the ascendant happened to be Cancer as well, your sign of exaltation would be Virgo.

In Tina’s chart, the moon is in Gemini. We take two steps forwards from Taurus counter-clockwise and the same two steps forwards from the Ascendant, which makes her exaltation Virgo, and its ruler mercury.

If the moon happened to be in Aries, we can take two steps, but backwards, and then two steps backwards from the ascendant.

Back to the learning chart:

Again, the exaltation is areas of life the native can rise.

The exaltation is by which the native is successful, and their strengths. It states to what level the native can expect to rise. If the other lots indicated fame, this is how and for what the native is known. The exaltation culminating from the lot of fortune, or being lord of the hour or day is one of the obvious ways a native can be seen to be famous in his or her lifetime to some extent.
The Lord of Exaltation is Mercury.

Mercury is in sect (as it always is), in the sign of a benefic with a benefic. It is succeedent, and in the house of good fortune. It rules the second and the eleventh, the native may be known for her fortune. It is conjunct the Lot of Basis, the native’s basic position in life. This then can be a sign that the native will be famous throughout most of their life.

The Lord of Exaltation again indicates talents, and mercury rules the tongue and intelligence, as well as high-energy. Natally, Mercury is in the fifth house, and rules the second; this can indicate talent for singing in the performing arts, and conjunct the sun, lively and energetic performances.
Mercury can manifest as the native known for vocals and/or lyrics. In Sagittarius, the voice is big, and conjunct the Sun, the voice is commanding and masculine in some manner.

Mercury in Sagittarius in the fortune eleventh can be talent gaining the support of supporters (fans) abroad, and supporters in general.

The lord of Exaltation conjunct the joying sun indicates royalty, and it is no wonder Tina Turner is referred to as “The Queen of Rock and Roll”.

Now we have two other lots in the lot of acquisition, another signification the native will do well in life.

Mercury rules the planetary hour. When the lord of exaltation marks the hour or planetary day, this is another indication the native has great chance of being notable and distinguished; famous.

Musician / Artist / Astrologer

“Famous are those persons in whose Nativities the Moon receives the light of many Planets.”

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