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Part 2 -- Converting your Chart

Part II – Converting your chart
So now we can start examining the natal, after what we understand we’re looking for!
First and foremost, you’ll need to convert your natal chart from the placidus house system for example, to the whole sign house system. Not equal house system, whole sign, where every house is designated to each sign, no matter what degree the house cusp would fall at using placidus or any other house system type. For example, my chart usually looks like this:

We see the first house cusp is at 29° Libra. Now, I convert the chart to whole sign house system, and I get this chart:

A completely different chart! One reason it’s completely different is the late Libran ascendant. Libra has been shifted to occupy the entire first house.

This is how the ancient Greek astrologers would have casted my natal chart, and interpreted. The whole sign house system is a very elegant and exact method. It’s worth noting that you might want to consider re-evaluating your natal, if like in my case, it gets changed significantly from its placidus counterpart.

Now that it’s whole sign, we want to turn the chart. Why? To create the fortune ascendant.

In my new whole sign chart, the part of fortune occupies the tenth house. So we will be turning the chart so that house ten is now house one. Thus the chart will now look like this:

Now we have the fortune chart! The one that ancient astrologers (and even some today) would use to determine one’s potential for success, as well as their “destiny”.
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