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The Five Lots of Fate, Success, Your Fortune Chart

I thought it very interesting and worthwhile to point out to the community and write an educational blurb on the Five Pillars of Fate, or the five Arabic lots.

This will help those who are interested in surmising their chances of ultimate success and to figure out their natal talents easily, so they can determine the best way to approach success. This is all via the part of fortune, as a starting point, or the key.

Specifically, we turn the chart to make the lot of fortune the ascendant as the astrologers of old did, creating the ‘fortune ascendant’, projecting a new chart that could be seen as the native’s potential for ultimate success. Some ancient astrologers thought this new chart more important than its counterpart.

I have been reading papers and researching this. The paper, “Finding Fame in the Chart of Hitler” by Antoine Garth, piqued my initial interest.

I will be using my natal chart as an example throughout this post. I will also give you examples on how to interpret the meanings of significations, as an idea how to interpret your own chart. Later on I am going to use the lots to describe the celebrity Tina Turner’s chart because she is a very interesting case for when the lot rulers are weak.

Part I – The Lots

I’ll go on to explain the five different lots, so you see the usefulness.

The Lot of Fortune
The key. This is the native’s potential for prosperity, the character of the native, and another characterization of the native’s physical body. It is the medium through which the other lots operate, as it is the ‘physical body’, thus the vehicle through which the native executes their ambitions. It can also be considered a gateway.

Strong – The native is blessed with the vitality to achieve fortune, as well as auspicious character. They also have potential for great prosperity. If the other lots are fortunate, then we have a good medium through which privileged promise can operate. They may be ambitious.
Weak – The physical form may hinder attainment in some fashion, and/or the character of the native is not conducive towards success. They may not have a great promise of prosperity. If other lots promise great things, the native himself may be too weak to realize such gains. They may not even care for great success.

The Lot of Exaltation
This is a place where we can see some of the native’s talent, in the fortune ascendant chart. It is also the level to which we rise. This sign and its ruler and all other significations pertaining to it are how we can be recognized at our best or elevated in social status and prominence. Therefore, it is probably the most important to consider, second to the part of fortune.
Strong – The native has potential to rise very high, be known by many and be prestigious. They will have many talents to develop towards success.
Weak – The native may not have the promise of being elevated very high, or being extremely well known, and prestigious.

The Lot of Spirit
Originally Posted by Antoine Garth, “The Five Hidden Pillars of Fate”
Spirit is the animating and directive force behind existence. If the Lot of Fortune, by virtue of its correspondence with the ascendant, can be used to represent the body, then the Lot of Spirit would represent the directive and animating force inhabiting that body. … The Lot of Spirit and its ruler represents the passion… with which the native acts upon the world.
So this is the motivating force behind the key. Picture it as the hand that turns the key; the degree by which the native pursues success.
Strong – The native will have great vitality of spirit, and passion with which to pursue goals. There is a great drive.
Weak – The native may not be very passionate towards the things they want, or passion is wavering.

The Lot of Basis
Originally Posted by Antoine Garth, “The Five Hidden Pillars of Fate”
The Lot of Basis represents the native’s ability to produce and/or sustain the apportionment of fortune allotted to [them]. It is also the main motivational foundation of the Lot of Spirit, and thus is the basis on which the native chooses his/her path of action … Spirit and basis must always be used in conjunction.
This is how we sustain the fortune, for example, the lot of basis ruler weak could be ‘fleeting fortune’. It is also the foundation of the Lot of Spirit, ‘how’ the hand turns the key.
Strong – They are gifted at producing fortune as well as sustaining it. They harness their passion in a matter which is beneficial to them. Their methods of attainment are to their advantage.
Weak – The native might have problems sustaining fortune as well as producing it. They don’t use their energies to their advantage. Their methods of attainment are flawed.

The Lot of Acquisition
Originally Posted by Antoine Garth, “The Five Hidden Pillars of Fate”
… Represents financial and material acquisition. It indicates what we gain through our actions and measure of it. Planets in this place can indicate the nature of the substance acquired. Thus, an exalted Venus in the place could indicate fine jewels, a world class art collection … Saturn in Capricorn could represent vast land holdings …
This then is the nature of the fortune, as well as its greatness. How we can expect fortune to manifest.
Strong - They may accumulate great wealth and things.
Weak – They may not accumulate great wealth or things.
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