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Re: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020

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I know the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in horoscopes can strongly impact the world, but what about personal charts when they have Jupiter/Saturn (or in my case, includes Mars and Lilith) conjunctions on their natal to permanently affect them? Mine is in the sign of Virgo and the 3rd house and I'm also a Sun/ Moon/Mars conjunction in Aquarius. Would event Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions lead to huge life events or cause serious problems to people born with the same sort of planetary conjunctions?
Jupiter's alignment with Saturn
occurs at intervals of just under 20 years

and so
recalling events of twenty years ago

when the previous Jupiter Saturn alignment occurred
provides the individual

with an opportunity to analyse their natal
for answers

The aspect is occasionally repeated due to a retrograde
of one or both planets.
Each successive conjunction
not counting retrograde repeats
occurs at a mean advance of
approximately 243 degrees relative to its predecessor
although from one alignment to the next
this arc can vary considerably.

for those aged over sizty
keep in mind that

Every third Jupiter Saturn conjunction
once every 60 years
brings the alignment back
to its starting place, plus around 9 degrees:
this 60 year cycle is termed FIRST ORDER RECURRENCE of the conjunction.


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