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Re: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020

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The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is important of itself,

however it is occurring in the context of the Winter solstice.

As the Sun enters the first of Capricorn, it is conjunct Mercury. Also, fiery Mars is square to Pluto in Capricorn at the Winter solstice.
From a weather perspective, this is going to be severe Winter. The hot spells and cold spells will set records, Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius at the Winter solstice will bring unusual snowfalls. Mercury conjunct Sun in Capricorn will bring lots of cold wind. That's the background.

We have to look at these transits in light of current events, as current events will carry into to events of this Winter. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius screams social justice. Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn screams violence, explosions, terrorism, and related deaths. Neptune is still in Pisces and still influences the world with hysteria. The Mercury conjunct Sun transit at the Winter solstice will feed into the ongoing hysterical narratives that have spread throughout the world.

Then there is the pandemic. The New Moon on October 16 and the New Moon on January 13, 2021 indicate periods when the pandemic will be spreading. These are likely to be significant events, as the pandemic will spread more easily during flu season, and the flu season will be exacerbated by harsh weather and social unrest. People will be coughing and sneezing more due to allergies in the Fall and colds throughout the Fall and Winter. Also, with Jupiter conjunct Saturn so close to Christmas, there will be an irresistible urge for holiday celebrations and social mixing to help drown out the rest of the depressing news. This will further spread the COVID virus. The virus is highly likely to peak out this Winter.

The Harvest Moon this year on October 1, shows a very good harvest, but problems with storing and processing the harvest. Many people will be getting sick around the middle of October, and will not be able to work; this will include farmers, food storage workers, and packaging and transportation facilities.

Jupiter-Saturn issues typically involve Academia. They could be positive issues that improve the academic experience overall, or the academic issues can be challenges that need to be addressed. With the pandemic influencing academia even this early in the new school year, I think we know what to expect for the Winter. With the weather, the pandemic, a stronger than usual flu season, civil unrest, and hysteria, the pandemic is likely to wreak havoc with the present school system. However, it is also just as likely that new innovations in academia will be set into motion, and will involve a more independent and technological approach to education. Expect to be surprised by the solutions that prevail. A dispositor of the of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is Uranus, which is in Taurus. Home schooling for all levels of education is favored for the time being.

Another issue that arises from Jupiter-Saturn transits is the religion and State relationship. Being a conjunction in Aquarius, with Uranus in Taurus suggests religions may be noted for their independent actions in defiance of government regulations. Again, the Mars-Pluto square will undoubtedly bring about physical actions from one side toward the other as the urge to contain religions competes with religion's need for independence.

In light of the potential economic disaster that could easily develop this Winter, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction may manifest as "great austerity." And what happens when Mars is square Pluto during great austerity? We can expect rioting, looting, etc, to flare up during this time, as well. Again, with Uranus in Taurus, a lot of people will find themselves unexpectedly confined to their homes (not necessarily by decree, but at least due to circumstances).

If all this sounds too negative or depressing, keep in mind that cycles are always coming and going. Sometimes, we just get dealt a bad hand, and we have to play it out and accept our loss. Also keep in mind that when change occurs, new opportunities will open up where other opportunities have been closed down. I think of Uranian changes as a kind of musical chairs. We don't have a choice as to whether we want to play, or not, the key is to just play as well as you can.

Also, I am definitely not a determinist astrologer. I believe strongly in free will. No matter how difficult our transits may be, it all comes down to the decisions we choose to make in the present moment. We can choose to take risks, or to be cautious. We can choose take care of our health and happiness, or we can choose to splurge without consideration for the consequences. Even when the rest of the world is making bad decisions, it is still possible for any individual to make good decisions.

Another thing I continually remind myself about is that luck favors the prepared. If I know there is a strong likelihood that there will be a food shortage, I stock up on nutritious food. If I know there is a likelihood of trouble at a certain location, I avoid that location. The purpose of astrology is to be able to read the signs and act accordingly.
by the way
Mundane astrology is very Hierarchical
thus, to clarify then,
Starting with the Grand Conjunction
a Natal Chart would be 7th in the pecking order
Horary is below your Natal Chart
and so
Horary is lowest on the Mundane Hierarchy



Grand Conjunction 1702
21 May 1702
4:01:37 PM
Federal Hall, New York

Great Mutation (Earth) 1802
17 Jul 1802
5:52:26 PM
Federal Hall, New York

Great Conjunction 2000
28 May 2000
11:07:39 AM
Federal Hall, New York

Great Malefic 2004
25 May 2004
1:20 AM
Federal Hall, New York currently the operating Malefic Chart
and then the following will become operative....
Great Malefic 2034
26 Jun 2034
5:33:42 PM
Federal Hall, New York

2020 Aries Ingress
March 2020
Federal Hall, New York

That is place in the hierarchy of charts.

That is horary charts place in the hierarchy of charts

Note: Relocate the chart(s) to your country
for maximum accuracy, use the "foundation point"
eg: Romania = Alba Iulia, not Bucharesti
Japan = Kyoto, not Tokyo
Spain = Toledo, not Madrid
and so on

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