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Re: Anyone interested in a research project?

Poor choice of words on my part. I should revise the post.
There is no research project, at least on my part.
What I had in mind was that if someone like yourself had a question about whether some chart factor was valid or not I could use SF to search my DB to find similar situations and see what the result was.
For example, in the example you posted, the chart had Uranus in the 12th house, conjunct the ASC. To me, this is far and away the most important factor in the chart. But let's say you might be wondering if UR in the 12th conjunct the ASC produces the same result as UR in the 1st conjunct the ASC. I could easily produce a set of charts that met these conditions, from which you could determine what the differences are in the two positions.
Hope this clarify's the matter.

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