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Anyone interested in a research project?

About 5 years ago I was able to create a large database of game charts for various US sports. Because of two changes in computers and a move across the country I thought the DB's had been lost. I looked a few months ago and was unable to find them. But then Friday evening I looked again...and I found them!!

I don't have the exact numbers, but the DB consists of the following:
> NBA about 10,000 games
> WNBA about 900 games
> NHL about 1200 games
> NFL perhaps a few hundred games
> CFL perhaps a few score games
> Soccer perhaps a half-dozen games

Therefore the total is perhaps 13,000 games, mostly from the 2004-2011 seasons, but some are more recent.

The charts were all created in Solar Fire. The times are the best estimate of the actual starting time. For example, all NBA games are set for 11 minutes after the scheduled starting time. Exact times for all, except the WNBA, are available on the internet.

Solar Fire has a very powerful Chart Search feature, and with this it is possible to run almost any conceivable search of the DB. For example, a search for PL-0-MC, 1 orb, angular, would be very easy to do.

What I have in mind is that an interested person could send me a request for a search. I would do the search, and send that person the charts for their examination, the results of which would be posted on this forum. Should make for some interesting discussions.

There are a few caveats;

1) No newbies. Sports astrology is very difficult and one has to know what one is doing or everyone's time is wasted, especially mine.
2) You must have Solar Fire to read these charts, or a program that can read SF charts, if there is one. Or I suppose I could send you the basic chart data and you key that into whatever program you have.
3) If I get swamped with requests I may not respond to all of them, or even to any of them.

Another matter: One thing that has been lost are the spreadsheets that I used to create the special text files that SF uses to create the chart files. I remember pretty well how I did it, but I don't want to take the time to recreate the spreadsheets. If someone out there has moderate skill with spreadsheets and would like to do some work, let me know. Once the spreadsheets are created it takes only about an hour per year to download and process the data.

Guess that's it.

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