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Angry Re: Will he get his visa approved on March 18? UPDATE

I wanted to update this thread a bit. After I asked the question regarding whether my hubby will get a visa and the answer was a negative one a few months ago, a few days before his interview date, borders closed due to coronavirus, so not only he didn't get a visa but he didn't even make it to his interview to get anything so it was postponed to the beginning of May now. He had to travel to a neighboring country for the visa interview so it wasn't in his native country hence the postponement until the lockdown are lifted. I immediately thought of rafaella's negative outcome reading of this chart and when the US embassy set a new future interview date, I cast another chart for that new date for myself, but it also came out negative (this upcomign May interview) and it was actually VERY similar to the first negative chart above Well, this second upcoming May interview that is supposed to come up in May now won't take place either because the countries just postponed their lockdown to after his interview (to the end of May), and now even before his 2nd interview was supposed to happen in May, he has a new 3rd postponed date for June 25th! I think end of May everything will reopen so I have a feeling that he will be able to attend in June finally without postponements. It's been a very frustrating ride, so I wanted to jump to the new 3rd date now and ask if he will get his US visa approved at the end of June interview on 25th?

He is Moon in Aires so in detriment, but he is in his turned 9th house of foreign travel (neighboring county and the overseas USA) I think mercury represents travel too (locally across the border) in his turned 9th. My 10th house is US government/embassy right? because he will be coming to MY country so my government would be the 10th house? Any thought please? it would be funny if this interview also gets postponed...
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