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Re: My career

Saggittarus asc sagitarus rasi .

5th house of poorva punya 9th house of bhagya aka luck is afflicted . jupiter in 10th is not good for successive profession life . it gives low profile job , many responsibilities but pay check is low . you earn through your intelligence and self efforts . self employed . educating profession is good for you . astrology also interest you , you even master it .

currently you are running rahu dasa which lasts til 2034 rahu is with sun in 12th , rahu no1 enemy sun and moon , also rahu placed in mars house who is 5th and 12th lord , he too debiliated . so until this rahu dasa dont expect any good things , rahu wont allow that , you have to undergo your karma , but next jupiter dasa is highly good and auspicious . it entirely changes your life , all your misfortunes and health problems gets vanished , you get over all happiness . till then you have to bear it . mutual aspects of mars and saturn creates obstacles in profession and financal crisis , so take care of health and savings . but since 7th lord in 11th you get gains from wife , working spouse . comes from forgein land .

8th lord and 6th lord in lagna , physical body has to suffer from humiliation and illness .

i think you become astrologer . my intuition says that .. that too not now in jupiter dasa only .

Your professional life starts in 2025 .
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