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Will he get his visa approved on March 18?

Hi guys, my husband has an interview date already which is march 18 to get a US visa approval to travel to the US to reunite with me. We just got his interview date today. Since I now have an actual date for his interview, I'd like to know whether his US visa will be approved at the interview. They usually say yes or no at the interview then keep your passport to put a stamp on it within a few days or a week or they deny you on spot and return your passport. Anyways, so I wanted to know how that interview on march 18 morning will go for him? My husband is mercury in pisces, which is also my sign as Im jupiter, so he is in my sign but in detriment, right? o this is not good for him. He is also in his own turned 9th house of overseas travels so that's the whole interview is about obviously. His 9th house is represented by Saturn (aquarius) sitting in Cappy, but no aspect to him yet. I'm Jupiter and my husband will be sextiling me soon. The moon will also oppose my husband soon but I think there's a translation of light from him to me as moon will be trining me. I'm worried about him as mercury in pisces even though it's my sign but it's in detriment while we see aspects. Any idea if it's a promising chart that he will get his visa approves on march 18 interview and the overall feel of how the interview will go for him? He will have an applying mars square moon transit that day so im worried as mars square moon transit is a bad transit.
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