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Originally Posted by chughash View Post
Respected Gurus,
I want to know about my daughters education field for college, best profession stream and wealth(earning potential). While I know she is young but I want to help and mould her as much as I can

Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 10th April 2014
Time: 8:10 AM
Place/Town: Fairfax
State: Virginia
Country: USA

Other observation: She can grasp new concept well but is very distracted. She constantly wants to lead and tell others what to do.
Note: No gemstones or remedies done so far. All suggestions welcome.
Hopefully someone can help. She is only 5- of course she will get easily distracted. Remember to let her play as well while you prepare her for school. Very easy for Indian parents to forget that (speak from experience). She will only have a childhood once. Work is forever.
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