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Re: First Meeting? .... Reunion?

Regarding the composite of the 2 meetings, the indications do not seem very favorable for a love/romance relationship:
-Venus, lord of the c.ascending sign of Libra, is posited in the 12th whole sign house (disappointments) in Virgo, ie in the Fall of Venus
-while the Part of Fortune is well placed in the7th house, in Aries, we find the unpredictable Uranus posited there in the 7th house as well
-the 11th house has to do with hopes and wishes (among other affinities); Leo is on the whole sign 11th house, its lord, the Sun, is well placed by house (1st house) but ill dignified by being in its Fall in Libra, and also being in the Fiery Road
-Mars is conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd whole sign house, of communications; hint that martial qualities afflicting the emotions (Moon) arising from communications, could hamper the relationship; problems arising from communications are also hinted at by the prominence of Mercury (1st whole sign house), a generic communications significator, being afflicted by close hard aspects to Uranus (sudden events, sudden changes) and Pluto (volcanic eruptions of deeply buried factors), although this situation regarding Mercury is somewhat ameliorated by Mercury's applying trine to Jupiter (which latter planet is rather weak, though, being in the cadent 9th house and in its detriment in Gemini)
-in the composite, Moon is in a mutable sign (Sagittarius) and the lord of the Moon's sign, Jupiter, is also in a mutable sign (Gemini): according to inceptional doctrines of Valens and Maximus, positing of Moon and its lord, both in mutable signs, indicates disappointing or otherwise unfavorable outcomes for such an inception
-MC (high angular point) of the composite is exactly Parallel in declination with the South Node, and is also Parallel with Lilith
-Moon and Mars (emotion and will) are also in Parallel of declination
-lord of the ascendant (and generic significator for love and romance) Venus, has no aspectual nor declinational connections in the composite-its kind of "alienated", thereby, and detrimented by house (12th) and sign (Virgo) placements (there is somewhat of a Parallel involving Venus and the unpredictable Uranus)

So, from my perspective at least, the first meeting+reunion composite does not seem to promise much: hope I am wrong! And perhaps the unpredictable Uranian influences mentioned above might act to reverse the situation for the better (Uranus sudden and unexpected changes can cut both ways!)
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