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Originally Posted by PlutoLibScoAsc View Post
Oh, I have something to contribute.
My bro has Aries Asc, Libra Sun, Venus conjunct Pluto in 8th house Scorpio. His Pluto trine his Asc. Many said having venus in Scorpio is like so sexy and everyone want to have a piece of him and imagine what is like to have Pluto conjunct here! Having Pluto 8th house Scorpio is a double whammy Scorpio, now venus conjunct pluto Scorpio 8th house, is this like crazy triple whammy?! lol. I have to say I really think my bro is good looking but may be not so much sexy cause I am his sister, I am unable to look or think of him in that way, lol. Girls in school is chasing him. Girl that met him 1st time is chasing him too. lol.
Libra Scorpio placement with 8th house sounds attractive 😊🔥
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