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Re: Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Aquarius is the sign that takes mental thought (Air) and applies it a stage further than Gemini(personal) and Libra (social). It's the sign that goes beyonf Capricorn's physical manifestation on Earth. It has nothing to do with 'ab'normal, except in the Virgo mind (normality) of those who find its thought waves work in a different manner to their own straight and narrow-minded Earth logic.
Worth noting that Virgo and Aquarius are in natural quincunx/inconjunct to each other? Air can ruffle Earth!

Can I put an idea to you?
If Saturn has no rulership over Aquarius, where does Aquarius get its
future-orientated mind from? Upon what is it founded? I have yet to see anything in Aquarius as assigned 'intuition' be completely 'original' and based on Air alone.
(As someone once remarked to me; 'no one has an original thought!')

Aquarius doesn't pluck its ideas out of a hat …. or the sky. It mentally perceives from what has physically been seen and learnt (Saturn, present time), that it is no longer working as it should in, and has need of change for the future. Through Uranus its ideas are merely changed and renewed, as a result of past experience. If there was no past experience to work upon, Aquarius could not function in the way it does.

Uranus has a 7 year transit through a sign. It's trendy. Have you noticed how, after that time, what was considered 'modern' has become socially accepted, 'outmoded' and everyday?

As an example:
My son in a triple Aquarius. Mercury, Ascendant and natal Sun in 1st house.

He studied physiotherapy. He considered that particular learnt techniques could be applied differently to achieve results, which he put into practice (Saturn in Taurus). He failed his final physical exam because he did not follow protocol ...i.o.w. what the curriculum proceedure dictated. (His client's pains ceased!)

He wandered and finally found his niche in another branch of the helping profession. Again he found particular techniques could be done differently, and practically applied them. He was failed for not following protocol.
[ It was mum who told him to follow protocol and THEN go his own way once he qualified! He did.]

We are more than 20 years further.
What he applied in his physiotherapy studies, for which he was failed, has now become part of the curriculum!

We are 10 years further.
In his chosen profession, he has been asked to put his applied techniques (for which previously failed) into book manual form as a practical study guide! YouTube provides the visual application.

The Aquarius mind is way ahead of what is NOW occuring, yet it is based upon NOW and what can be altered to serve the future (Uranus): And that involves the mastership of Saturn, also the archivist, which brings up that which was long thought to be forgotten, yet isn't, and is called Uranus's 'inventiveness' and/or intuition.
You're forcing an assumption down my throat without considering all of the possibilities.

You insist that aquarius cant be innovative without Saturn due to Saturn being the archivist, but the only one who is saying this has to be true is you. What if I told you that Uranus is so genius, that it is innovative in a age where it hasnt been around for anywhere near as long as saturn has?

Not sure why you are ignoring the fact that aqaurius is the sign of innovation. To be innovative you just have to see the needs of the masses and create something innovative for them. Aquarius doesnt need Saturn maturity or old age to do that. Because it has such bright intelligence of its own. Uranus is the planet of innovation after all. So it must be the planet of genius.

Why would a genius need to have been as old as Saturn and lived in the distant past to be aware of the needs of the masses today? The genius is so smart, so much so that he can recognize the needs of today's masses just by observing how things are in their day.

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