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Re: In need of some light in the darkness

I started working on a concept for a novel while in the hospital...I have a title for it already and I've had it for a while now. Titles come to me a lot and they always carry an infinite well of concepts and ideas. I actually have a lot of titles tho I'm still working my way around writing fiction. I'm gonna try to start it as a short fiction, maybe even as a flash fic/vignette type of thing and work from there. I don't think I could start with a story board bc it doesn't have flesh yet and for me, everything is always openended

It's about someone dying and having their whole conception of reality fall apart after leaving the physical form and having to come to a reckoning with themselves and what they can now perceive. That's not set in stone and will definitely evolve, but the title is sacred to me

I know that sounds very generic, but as I said, it has no flesh yet and yet has so many wounds. If I said what the title was, the idea would make sense, but anyway. I can't say the title

The title just kinda came to me out of thin air or rather from my subconscious, which happens a lot, and the curious thing is that my subconscious mind will come up with lines or titles or other collections of words that are actually very novel. Novel doesn't necessarily mean good, but it does mean they haven't been thought of before which is odd to me given that they feel like they come out of nowhere. Curious workings of the subconscious mind
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