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Apology and clarification


You wrote:
I know that when I read Tim's post on Sheymr's speculation question that picked apart my response to Sheymr because it wasn't coming from a traditional "heart-centered" approach, I really bristled at that. I think that both he and I came to pretty much the same conclusions through different methods of interpretation, which I said in my reply to him. I think what stung me is being told that what I was doing was not "heart-centered." That's a big piece of shrapnell for a Leo to take, don't you think? I thought I was very measured and respectful in my reply to Tim although I alternately want to slap him silly and say "well, maybe I shouldn't be doing astrology." If I do that with one critical post, what would I do with the critiques I would get if I published trade?
In response to what I wrote:
First, according to Elianah's method, Sagittarius, Jupiter, and 9th house have to do with speculation and risk taking in general...Now, let's look at the chart from "heart"'s perspective (the more "traditional" perspective). Using this method, Leo, Sun, and 5th house have to do with speculation and risk taking in general...
My purpose was to compare and contrast two completely different ways of interpreting a chart, both which are valid, in my opinion. In one version, yours, risk-taking is about being "expansive" in the other, sorehearted's, risk-taking is about being "self-expressive". As I pointed out, sorehearted's interpretation is the more traditional one, but your non-traditional way of interpreting also made sense. Interestingly, BOTH methods led to the same conclusion of confusion or possible deception in speculation. So much for what I was trying to say.

What I did NOT realize was that you had misunderstood my "heart"'s comment as being a comment about a "heart"ed way of approaching astrology. Instead, my "heart" comment was simply a contraction of "sorehearted"s name. I have taken to contracting people's web names, taking out anything in the name that seems to me in this case I removed the word "sore" from "sorehearted" and simplified it to "heart". I put it in quotes to make it clear I was NOT talking about a physical heart, but instead about a person named "heart". So much for communicating clearly during Mercury retrograde!

And, since I have been quoting so much from my own words, it is only approriate that I finish by quoting from your very fine words about the purpose of astrology in our daily lives (please DON'T slap me ...I am only trying to be give credit where credit is due...really! )

I do believe that it is important that each client receives a balance of potential positive and negative outcomes that might ensue from use of the energy. What I stress, however is that the person does have a choice in the use of the energy and how that person uses the energy will, in the long run, determine the positive or the negative outcome for the person. I think the risks that I see inherent in traditional astrology is that a client can come away thinking that they are fated to play out the energy just as the astrologer told them it would play out and then that can create a pygmillion effect and take the responsibility of the client's choices out of that person's hands. "My chart said I would do it, so I did."
That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to someone once said!

Apologizing and clarifying (and ducking! ),

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