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Re: Lilith & Appearance

Originally Posted by Riles View Post
Same here. One ex described me as, "You're like this little creature that just burrows under a person's skin and just sits there, taunting them, and making them think wicked thoughts." Sexual openness in conversation and revelation has been a huge factor in my relationships. Men have shared things with me that they've never and would never share with anyone else, not even their closest guy friends or their other girlfriends or wives, because they know I understand and that nothing they say can scare me.

I have a long-standing history with people joking about my ability to kill without remorse and other dark associations, though I've never done anything like that. It's something people see in me. I'm also presumed to be sexually ravenous, even though I'm a virgin. Friends have told me that I "ooze sex" and "scream sex". It's weird. I don't even dress provocatively at all! I'm talking jeans and long-sleeved shirts with flip flops, sort of beachy casual.
Most of this rings true for me, as well.

I am 5'2, 25yo, and currently weigh about 180lbs(81kilos) I was 196lbs at my highest weight, and I've been overweight or obese most of my life, I "credit" that mostly to my Taurus Moon tightly conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, I have a very healthy appetite to say the least. I managed to drop all the way to 127lbs in high school(through a slow torture of a diet/exercise regime) but slowly gained it all back within 3 years.
The funny thing is I started getting noticed by men mainly after I finished high school, when I was back to my bigger size. I am still a virgin, and I really don't blame that on my size, but rather my principles. I haven't met a man worthy of my affection yet, and I'm not willing to settle.
And when I say virgin I mean virgin, as in never even kissed a guy on the mouth.
I've had "offers" but mostly I feel the guys who show interest in me are just interested in sex.

The funny thing is I've had both men and women call me beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, or just pretty, or even plain, but whatever it is, people always seem to have an opinion of me.
I've also been told all throughout my life that I look sweet and innnocent, in addition to looking younger than my age.

I am also among the shortest in my family, but basically no woman has been over 5'4 in my family for 4 generations, so I have no height complex at all.

I have naturally dark brown hair and very pale skin, with dark hazel eyes(mix of dark brown and a dusty olive green).
I've also been told I have a well proportioned figure, when I exercise regularly I get almost Marilyn-like hips, which I love.
But despite my height, I'm quite strong, physically. I can lift 100lbs, probably more, if I must.
I have broad shoulders and a strong back/wide hips.
I also generally love feeling muscular, and when I do exercise, I like to push myself, like I'll go swimming for 1 or 2 miles at a time(in a pool) or I'll walk for one hour etc.
My mother has also called me a "demon" before and said my looks are very deceiving, haha. Meaning I can come across as a harmless lost little girl, but I can be, as she put it, "perverse and manipulative".
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