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Re: Lilith & Appearance

Originally Posted by Riles View Post
Assuming that Lilith is particularly strong in a chart and is aspecting the Ascendant or in the first house, how would you expect Lilith to affect the appearance?

This is meant to be a general question, not specific to reading any particular chart.

Basically, what physical characteristics does Lilith bring to the table?
Hi honey!

I have that placement. Lilith was on my 12th house, conjunct AS. Lilith in greek mythology is a very very beautiful woman who was cursed by Hera bcoz Zeus had an affair with her. Lilith was transformed into a child eater, and uh, not so motherly. Lilith on AS brings ultra sexiness and beauty that traps men away. And Lilith on my 12 house means I have a hidden sexiness lol. My feet is also small. So as my face. So any Lilith placements could make anything small. But one for sure is ultra sexiness and a rebel type. This rebel type is powerful that it can scare man away.

Well, guess Lilith is a dangerous position. My moon semisextile AS. I'm motherly but at times children could get scared on me. Lilith was playing there, eh?
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