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Re: Lilith & Appearance

I have BMLilith in Taurus the 1st (Taurus ASC, so Venus chart ruler!) and while I'm here I am going to add to the list of really tiny people on here.

4' 11". Shopping is the bane of my existence. Size 0 jeans are too big in the waist and too long in the legs, even if they fit everywhere else. Shirt sizes are really funky because of shoulders, torso length, sleeve length, and the bust. I can be anywhere from an XS to a M. (Doesn't help that women's clothing DOESN'T MAKE A LICK OF SENSE!) I'm a size 5 shoe. There are absolutely NO nice heels or boots or anything fashionable in my size. I can find sneakers if I'm lucky.

I'm going to assume that most of us are ladies on here and mention bras? It's actually virtually impossible for me to find bras in my size because I have a tiny ribcage and (apparently, since I can't find any in my size) a large cup size. I dare you to try to find a 32C in the closest department store.

I get a lot of compliments from my friends about my appearance (I have won the "Best Butt" Award and have been told I have the nicest boobs of our gang, even if they aren't necessarily the biggest) but I can't say whether that's just them being nice or not.

"Dark" connotations don't really fit, though. I'm really super pale and have blue eyes and red hair. As fair as it gets.

But that does contribute to me being a night person, so I'll add to that group too. I'm pretty much nocturnal.

Originally Posted by Fruity View Post
Progressive attitude about being female, in the sense that I've never been particularly attached to being female. I've always felt that I'm a human being first, a woman second...and a distant second at that. I've never felt that my gender was somehow key to my identity. I tend to be more practical than fashionable in dress...jeans and t-shirts...flats (I NEVER wear heels). I do love to find subtle ways of being threatening in appearance. A pendant that declares something more violent than classically that look like they could survive a couple of zombie apocalypses...a "hell and high water" fashion statement tends to appeal to me far more than something meek, or well-tended.
I agree with a lot of this. When I was younger I was a "tomboy" and I still have a lot of guy friends (I probably would have almost no girl friends had I not gone to an all-girls high school!).

I've never understood the whole "I enjoy being a girl!" thing. I've always though of myself and others as people first and genders somewhere after that. (Another thing I realized while attending all-girls school: You forget that everyone around you is a female until suddenly everyone is on their periods!) And that's probably what gets me kind of up-in-arms about feminism - Why should anyone be treated differently based on something as pointless as gender identity? Particularly since the value of that aspect of someone's identity is so variable from person to person.

I'm pretty sure that BML in the First House is also part of the reason I kind of scare people off, despite my SagSun/LibraMoon combo. (That and the shyness of the Taurus ASC, the heavy Scorpio and Plutonic influences, and Saturn in the 11th... Sigh.)

I probably come off as strangely aggressive. If not at first glance, then at second. The aggression led to a big fallout in middle school. I think I've learned from that though. I just scare people off with my spontaneous enthusiasm that isn't readily apparent with the Taurus ASC now.

This is long and I'm going to stop now. I'm just kind of interested that a lot of other BML 1H's go through the same kind of stuff and I wanted to share too! =)
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