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Re: Why Such a Slow Career Start?

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
You hit the nail on the head with. That really describes me. Friends and family have said it.

For some reason, I interpreted Sun in 10th as automatically having a highly successful career and in this case, wealthy. It's as if I never imagined that it generally takes a process to get to that point. So I thought, I'm not that guy and it's not me.

Meanwhile , there's pride associated with earning and exactly as you said, about respect too. Yep that's me. That is the nerve. Thank you for your insight and perspective!

Update - guess what? I only applied for one job in Europe so far and I already have an interview. They like my credentials very much. It's a good sign of better prospects elsewhere. Right again on that one...
You're welcome. Good to hear that you are back on track. And Aries loves challenges, overcoming obstacles and stuff.

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