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Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Maybe that's the answer??????
Venus in Leo in 10th? Flattered attention towards you would give you 'status'???
I like attention and being flattered by it, is a normal reaction, doesn't most people like it? but I don't see how that is going to give me status, you mean by being popular? I am definitely not popular in my FB or insta.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
A reason your partner husband 'is madly in love with me'. What about your love for him?
I have no status/popularity nor money to be a reason for him to be madly in love with me. My love for him, I could sacrifice everything/anything for him.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Jupiter's 'warmth' can be on a low pit in Capricorn. Jupiter of Sagittarius's 'reasons' and 'meaning' behind situations can be shown for what they truly are, yet not compare to the idealism one carried within one's head. More so when retrograde?
Sorry, I didn't get you.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Hopefully, the bi-quintile will show how, when Jupiter's 'self- knowledge' is found, its attitudes towards situations can improve? Does it by chance rule the 2nd house of finances and self worth? Is there appreciation towards you from other than a devoted husband?
Is near the cusp. No, no appreciation from others, everyone takes me for granted, after they use me then they dump me or mistreat me, except for my husband.

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