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Re: Will I cancel my place?

Originally Posted by besitos View Post
i might also check your past thread about this - i believe you had one or two about this program. maybe there are some clues about what state the new position will be in / your state in the future.

however, i dont think you need to put a chart up for what you will do, because you're in charge of yourself. i know this is your chart and people have answered it, but just saying if posting is to relieve anxiety it could be taking away from more useful efforts to stop it for example, if funding is the worry or apartment, to put more effort into resolving those issues. what you do is in your own hands - my opinion. good luck and congrats!
Yep, I agree with you. I am responsible for my fate. What I did was I tried to find a logical solution. (e.g. I applied for houses online, informed the school about the issue, applied for jobs, talked with people who already live in place x and asked for advice and the very last thing was ask a horary just to see what happens) Generally speaking I am now ok emotionally and I keep trying...Thanks for what you wrote. I never wanted to give up but I am afraid of failure. However, I have failed many times in the past & its ok. I will give everything on this new effort.
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