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Trying to determine if this dress will arrive in time. I am not sure why I was under the impression the dress was sold and shipped within the states. Upon tracking details I learned it was coming overseas, and the only update on the tracking page is a tariff dispute and no further tracking is available. I am not sure if this is par for course or if there is a real issue. Not familiar with ordering items overseas. I noticed the moon is voc. The issue is valid. The dress is for my daughter, so either it would be Saturn or Venus. There is a square between sat/ven the cumulates the day before the dress is needed. If by any chance the dress is represented by mercury that sextiles mars on the 24/25th of Jan that would be a saving grace. However my spouse told us we could not order another dress. So either he gives a go and have a backup or I am using a couple paychecks I saved. I am also concerned I have been scammed.
Reading other threads one regarding timing and owner of package it seems to narrow down either 2nd or 8th house. Saturn or moon. Pending the seller's 2nd house, the moon, will transit 22 cap on the 24th of January. I did get an update that the package arrived at the express center, which is 3+ days it should of been already reroute. So I am guessing the label was drafted, but not actually released until 3+ days and delaying shipping. Any help please.
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